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A MAN who claims to be the “ultimate cheapskate” has shared how he sits on the floor of his house so he doesn’t have to buy a table.

Ron from TLC’s Extreme Cheapskates shared how he also refuses to shower at home to save money on bills.

On the show, Ron said: “I got the apartment a few years ago, I don’t see the need to spend money on furniture.

“I’m a floor guy, I sit on the floor and it’s very comfortable.”

And he also doesn’t have a proper bed.

Ron, who works for a cookware company, added: “A lot of manufacturers send me samples of their product.”

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He showed how he tips the polystyrene packaging onto a frame on the floor and puts a cover on top to form a makeshift bed.

Ron explained: “I just take all the peanuts, throw them in there, cover it with bubble wrap, then this is a table cloth, and it makes a perfect bed.”

He is also frugal when it comes to his wardrobe and added: “Three shirts and two pairs of shorts, and that’s it.

“And by the way I own no underwear or socks.”

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Ron also showers outside the house to save money on bills, and mainly uses the free shower at the beach.

He said: “Taking showers outside and washing all my clothes at the same time saves me so much money.

“I never care what other people think.”

Ron is also creative when it comes to his food, and explained: “I’m a foodie, I think everyone can enjoy a foodie lifestyle on a cheap budget.

“Every dollar we spend on anything other than food is a waste.”

He shared how he rummages through bins on the beach to find leftover wine, and goes through the bins outside of seafood restaurants to find discarded lobsters.

Ron said: “Look at this, it’s a goldmine.

“You throw them into a pot of water and all the meat will boil right out.

“They are extremely valuable, especially when you are paying $30 (£23) / $35 (£26) a point at least.”

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Many people were horrified at his thrifty ways, with one saying: “This is literally so sickening, THE LOBSTER SCENE HAD ME ON THE FLOOR.”

Another added: “I will say his foraging skills are top tier tho.”

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