I got a tattoo of my baby’s head on my cheek… people don’t get it but I know how good it looks, it only took 20 minutes | The Sun

Luna is a mum of two who goes by the name That Irish Twin Mum on TikTok. 

Luna has two daughters called Paisley Maeve and Tokyo Leuchia.

The mum of two decided to get a tattoo on her cheek based on the shape of her baby’s head.  

She said in a video online: “Come with me to get this gap on my cheek tattooed today.”

Luna said: “So my daughter has this double crown on her head, and basically, I just think of the ace of spades every time I look at it.”

Luna traced the outline of the shape of her baby’s head and sent it over to her tattoo artist. 

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Luna even went with her baby to tattoo parlour to get her tattoo. 

She shared the final results with viewers online. 

She said: “This is the overall finished piece. It's one of the smallest that I've got, but definitely one of the most meaningful, and I'm just so happy with it.”

Luna said the tattoo was finished in as little as 20 minutes. 

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Luna’s video went viral with over 1.3 million views. 

Some viewers thought the tattoo was a lovely tribute to her daughter. 

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One commenter said: “That is such a unique way of having a tribute to your child.”

Another commenter said: ”This is mega cute, what a beautiful meaning too.”

Many viewers didn’t understand why Luna would want a tattoo on her face. 

One commenter said: “On the face? It’s beautiful ur [your] beautiful but why on the face? Respectfully asking.”

Another commenter said: “Whyyyyyy?”

It’s definitely not the first time Luna has been questioned on her tattoo choices and placements. 

Many viewers have questioned her parenting skills based on her appearance. 

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But Luna is not afraid to hit back. In a previous video she said: “No one's skin defines their capabilities as a mother.”

She also said: “She doesn’t know why it’s such a big deal.”

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