I found a secret room in my Airbnb that opens in a shocking way – people say they'd be freaked out & question reality | The Sun

AN Airbnb has held some strange secrets, documented by one woman who shared her findings.

She revealed a secret door leading to bizarre discoveries on the other side of the rental home.

Nessa (@bbynessaxo) filmed her experience in a video on TikTok.

She stood in front of what appeared to be a replica of an ancient Egyptian artifact.

With the press of a button on a smaller replica acting as a key, the artifact moved towards the ceiling, revealing that it was in fact a door.

"Guys, I'm in an Airbnb right now, and guess what I just discovered? It's a hidden room," she said.

She entered the room to reveal a gold-colored dancing pole as well as artwork.

"Y'all look at this. What the freak? They have a whole pole," she said, taking it for a spin.

Within the secret room, she found yet another door leading to a new room covered in a mural of mushroom-shaped artwork.

"Also found this — another secret room," she added. "What? Who are these people?"

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The video drew in many viewers who shared their thoughts in the comment section.

"I don't know about y’all, but I’d be freaked out," one viewer wrote.

"It’s like a speakeasy I think that’s what it’s called," another added.

"The way I panicked because she didn’t take the key into the room with her technically. What if she gets locked in?" said a third.

"That’s scary, not going to lie, the fact she went in too she’s brave as f**k. I would swear up and down they're going to take me," yet another wrote.

"The way I would question my reality," one more wrote.

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