I ended up in hospital after having my lip filler dissolved – they didn't even do a patch test before getting started | The Sun

WE all know the importance of having patch tests before getting lip filler.

But Ruby found out the hard way that the test is also vital before having filler dissolved too.

In fact, her face swelled up so much after she had the dissolving done that she ended up in hospital.

Ruby shared her story in a video on TikTok, which she began by showing her incredibly swollen top lip.

"I had my lip filler dissolved and ended up in hospital," she wrote over the top.

She also showed how much her lip was protruding as she made her way to the hospital, before showing herself in tears as she sat in the waiting room to be seen.

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Once she was in the hospital room, the swelling continued, until it wasn't just her top lip that was swollen but her entire face.

Despite trying to keep her spirits raised by pulling funny faces, Ruby was clearly in pain, and stared resolutely into the camera at the end of the video.

People were quick to comment on the clip, with many asking if Ruby had been given a patch test before the procedure.

"Didn’t they did a patch test before injecting?" one asked.

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To which Ruby replied: "No".

"This is so bad! Did they not patch test you with the dissolver! Hope you’re soon better," another wrote.

"Is this stuff really worth it?" someone else asked.

With Ruby hitting back: "Evidently not".

"Genuine question! Will you get them done again?" another asked.

"Absolutely not," Ruby insisted.

"I'm sorry – but you did ask for it and you paid for it to happen that's even worse," someone else said.

"I didn’t ask for the allergic reaction," Ruby responded.

She also said that she's able to poke fun at the situation now that she's "fine and well".

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Hyaluronidase is what's injected to dissolve fillers.

Patch tests are usually conducted prior to the treatment and, if the client shows any sign of being allergic to the hyaluronidase, the aesthetician would not proceed.

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