I dyed my hair before my wedding & trolls savaged me – they say they’ve never seen someone look so bad as a brunette | The Sun

A WOMAN who decided to dye her hair brunette for her wedding has been brutally savaged by trolls.

Lauren, who is set to get married this year, went from bleach blonde to brunette after her engagement, but not everyone was a fan.

A video of her engagement announcement photos went viral on her TikTok account, @wanderinglauren__.

In the video, she wore white Christian Louboutin heels and a short white dress with puff sleeves.

She also had her bleach blonde hair in a wavy half-up, half-down style.

Lauren wrote: "Whenever I show TikTok my engagement photo's dress."


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Other the video she used the song Popular from the musical Wicked.

"Popular, you're gunna be popular," were the lyrics she put over the video.

The now brunette bride-to-be used a greens screen effect to show off the photo, but she received more comments about her current look.

Trolls were quick to share their thoughts on her new hair colour, and many said she needed to go back to blonde before her big day.

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One wrote: "I have never seen someone look that much better as a blonde than they do as a brunette, holy… completely different person."

Another person penned: "Go blonde girl, brunette is pretty but blonde is WOW, especially with the white dress."

Lauren replied: "This comment is living rent-free in my head! I was thinking of going more 'natural' for the wedding. I thought blonde looked so fake on me."

A third remarked: "You need to go back to blonde!"

In a separate video, Lauren responded to trolls bullying her for her hair.

She wrote: "when 1.7million people bully you on a TikTok right before your wedding because you decided not to stay blonde and go back to your natural colour."

"Y'all can suck it," she captioned the post.

Despite the mean comments, plenty of people told Lauren she looked fantastic both ways.

One person wrote: "You look so good as a brunette."

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Another commented: "Stunning either way."

"But you're so beautiful, people are delusional sometimes," added a third.

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