I cheated on my nail tech and it was the biggest mistake ever – people say my mani looks more like I was butchered | The Sun

A WOMAN has left people horrified after revealing what happened when she “cheated on her nail tech”.

The 27-year-old, who goes by Anxa, walked out of the nail salon almost in tears when the design was “butchered”. 

She had asked for a near-transparent white base with white flower gems.

Around the gems, she wanted dark green stems and leaves hand painted on. 

But the nail tech couldn’t even get the base colour right and created a milky colour with no sheerness to it.

On top, she had used nail stickers for the floral design.

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However, the stickers were colourful and bulky, rather than little white gems. 

The stems were thickly painted on in a lime green colour.

Canada-based Anxa took to TikTok recently, a year after the incident, to laugh about her nail fail. 

“Since it's been exactly a year, I think I can officially post this from my drafts,” she penned in the caption. 

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“Never cheat on your nail tech is what I learned that day.”

People were visibly horrified by the design she paid for.

“Those flowers are lowkey impressive but they butchered it so bad,” one woman penned in the comments.

Anxa replied that the flowers were in fact stickers, but the nail tech “kept messing up on the placement”.

“Lord, I would’ve cried on the way home,” the woman wrote back. 

Another commenter questioned why Anxa didn’t speak up at the time.

But anyone who has had their nails done knows the awkward feeling of watching the design materialise completely different to how you’d hoped it would.

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