I caught my neighbours talking s**t about the colour of my house, they hate it… so I took the very best petty revenge | The Sun

A WOMAN took petty revenge on her neighbours after hearing them talk s**t about the colour of her house.

The young woman who goes by @madartzt on TikTok decided to up the ante on her purple home after hearing neighbours complain about it.

In a short TikTok clip, she claimed 'purple is the colour of PETTY."

She said: "So I'm painting my house, the exterior, and I heard my neighbour talking s**t about the house colour that I chose.

"Saying 'Oh that's some house colour they chose, sorry you got to look at it.'"

The woman, who lives in the US, overheard the conversation and decided to take matters into her own hands.


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She revealed that she painted her house a 'gorgeous New Orleans purple,' her favourite colour that also matches her hair dye.

The colour clearly makes her happy, and because her colourful house annoyed the neighbours so much, she decided to take it a step further by replacing the white trims with lavender.

"So because I'm petty I went to the store and decided that I’m also gonna give my house a lavender trim to go with it,” she revealed.

"Look, I'm an adult, and I will paint my Sim house whatever colour suits me.

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“Whatever colour sparks joy.

“Whatever colour makes me forget about all the cruelties of the world.

“And if anyone says anything, literally just don’t — like, paint your house whatever colour

"If you're boring just say so."

The video has since gone viral with over 800k views and over 155k likes.

People quickly took to the comments section of the video to share their thoughts, and it seemed people were pretty divided.

Many praise the young woman for her retaliation while others claimed the colour was too much.

One person wrote: "I love this."

A second commented: "That colour is GORGEOUS."

"Paint it with pride that is a pretty colour," added a third.

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Meanwhile, a fourth remarked: "That colour is horrendous… but I'll agree and say everyone should paint their house what they want."

"This is so petty," claimed a fifth.

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