I absolutely love M&S & always do my weekly shop there for under £50 – here's my haul, plus how I get lots of free food | The Sun

AN M&S fan has taken to social media to show off how she gets a weekly shop for under £50.

The TikTok user explained that she does her food shopping at M&S every single week, as she loves how fresh and long-lasting their food is.

Not only this, but the savvy shopper also explained how she gets free food with her shop too, so if you are looking to cut the costs, you’ll want to listen up.

Posting her weekly shopping haul clip to the video sharing platform under the username @wishfulshrinking_, the M&S fan explained: “Come to M&S and do this week’s weekly shop with me.

“This one was £48.54, so just under £50.”

We then saw the woman in M&S, as she picked up items and placed them in her trolley. 

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She added: “We still have a few bits left from last week, as we did have a couple of takeaways, but the joy of doing your shopping here is that the fresh stuff lasts and that’s really helpful.

“We are having the steak deal for dinner this evening which I actually bought yesterday, as we’re doing an alphabet dating thing where we’re going to try a different meal from each country starting with each letter in the alphabet and we landed on Argentina for A.

“Then we got the chicken Kievs I bought last week but I froze them.

“Prawn stir fry, Nandos fakeaway, spaghetti and meatballs.

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“I’m going to try a Bored of Lunches new air fryer recipe, of the crispy chilli beef for Friday night, as that will be quite a nice treat I think, so just picking up the ingredients that we need for those.

“We still have lots of snacky bits in the cupboard for lunchboxes and lots of fruit that’s still absolutely fine.

“So I don’t need anything like that which has been really helpful and has helped me to keep the costs down and meant that I could buy some steaks, chicken, meatballs etc.

“It was also a bit of a higgledy-piggledy shop as they had just had all of their deliveries and it was really quite busy when I went in this morning, so I kept going back round the shop to get bits when they unloaded their crates.

“The staff are so helpful, peppers weren’t out on the shelves and neither were eggs but both staff members I asked went and got them for me.”

She then revealed that she got a pack of pears for free thanks to being a Sparks card member.

She shared: “These pears I got on my Sparks free offer this week.

“That’s everything that I picked up and there [holds up receipt], you can see it came to £48.54.” 

The woman’s clip has clearly impressed many, as it has quickly amassed 51.3k views.

It has 1,453 likes, 7 comments and 23 shares.

One person said: “Lovely shop!” 

Another added: “Marks and slayed.” 

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If you do your shopping in M&S and are interested in getting items for free, you should sign up and get a Sparks card.

With a Sparks card, the M&S customer reward scheme, you can get the chance to receive little treats and thank yous or even get your shopping for free.

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