Drea de Matteo Jokes That the Kardashians Stole Her Hair Extensions Pro Priscilla Valles

Drea de Matteo isn't shy to admit that it takes some serious time at the salon to master her perfectly tousled (and highlighted!) hair. She credits her signature look to the expertise of her two pros — Tracey Cunningham and Priscilla Valles — but the actress joked about having trouble booking time with Valles lately, since she's been spending a lot of time with another famous family.

"I do my hair myself, but the real secret is Tracey Cunningham and Priscilla Valles. Priscilla gives me my hair — they're extensions — and helps me copy what my hair used to look like when I was in my 20s. Then Tracy keeps that color up. They've been doing my hair for 16 or 17 years," de Matteo, 49, said in an interview with NewBeauty.

The Sopranos star joked about Valles getting intercepted by the Kardashian crew, so she struggles finding time to book an extension appointment.

"Priscilla doesn't have enough time for me anymore now because she does so much of the Kardashians' hair. She's busy! So, I might have to look for a new, wonderful extension lady," she said.

De Matteo's daughter with ex Shooter Jennings, Alabama Gypsy Rose Jennings, turned 13 in November and is just beginning to experiment with the world of beauty.

"It's all new with her! She's still a baby in so many ways, but she's changing every day. Her skin is changing, her hair is changing, everything is just changing so rapidly," the actress told NewBeauty.

She's started by buying her daughter a few skin-care staples. "So she's not using her 'baby stuff' anymore — she's very into her Florence By Mills and I got her some Kiehl's stuff…nothing too crazy," de Matteo said. "I prefer to use natural products on my kids and on myself."

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