Couple spend three months renovating van into amazing camper – and it could be yours for just £7.50

PEOPLE often dream of packing everything up and travelling in an Instagram-worthy van, and that dream could soon become your reality.

Jack and Elise, who go by Land Pirate Conversions on Facebook, are a couple who spent three months transforming a derelict van into a masterpiece, and now they are giving it away for only £7.50.

Jack is a furniture maker by trade who has worked on boat interiors and has spent the last five years making bespoke furniture. Elise enjoys creating things from scratch and has previously worked on a couple of camper vans and her own house.

The duo spent the last three months building their van, known as Rusty, which is the second van that they've completed as a couple. It is fully bespoke and is powered by 480W of solar energy.

"We have been working as hard as we possibly can with a lot of blood, sweat and tears to create a bigger, better and truly unique off-grid VW camper!" they said.

They made sure to build a comfy seating area that can accommodate up to six people.

"When it’s just the two of us we love pulling it out so we can both lounge and watch nature’s TV through the sliding door and side window!" they said.

The seating area includes additional storage underneath and it can also transform into a double bed.

The van is also equipped with a luxury bathroom which includes a fully heated shower powered by a Truma 4e Combi Boiler and removable toilet.

They added: "Rusty’s bathroom has been our best yet in every way, it’s so spacious and definitely has more of a ‘luxury’ feel to it!"

Jack and Elise are giving away the van through a raffle draw. All you have to do is answer one simple question before you can go ahead and purchase a ticket.

A single ticket costs £7.50 and the competition closes on Monday August 23, 2021.

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