Bride, 77, stuns with amazing wedding day glow-up which has people saying she looks 30 YEARS younger

IT'S the most important day of your life.

So when one woman became a bride at 77, she was treated to a makeover ahead of her nuptials – and the results were astonishing.

A video of the woman's glow up was shared on TikTok by Fabiosa.USA, and showed her undergoing a complete transformation before she tied the knot.

After her voluminous hair was washed, a purple rinse was applied, to help take down the brassiness of her blonde locks.

Then highlights were added, before her eyebrows were done and a full face of make-up, including false eyelashes, was applied.

Next up, her hair was cut and a fringe added, before it was blowdried and coiffed to perfection.

The video concluded with the woman putting her hand over her mouth as she was shown the results of the transformation.

After the makeover video was posted, viewers flocked to the comments section to express their astonishment at the glow up.

"Looks 30 years younger," one person wrote, before adding: "Husband woke up after wedding night and ran after he realised he got catfished!"

Another added: "I don’t think age matters. It’s never too late to meet your soulmate. I hope your day is as beautiful as you are."

"Stunning transformation," someone else wrote, while another commented: "Gorgeous girl. Well there’s hope for me yet, lol."

The comments continued with someone writing: "She looked so happy when she looked in the mirror, what a gift – how awesome!"

And another concurred: "She was always beautiful but you brought it out of her. Her smile is everything."

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