Beauty fan reveals super easy hack to remove fake nails in minutes using nothing but oil

MOST of us are now pros at doing our own hair and nails over lockdown, but if you hadn’t quite mastered the art of removing fake nails, one woman has a pain free tip. 

The beauty fan shared a clip of herself to TikTok, showing off long, navy talons. 

She demonstrated they're stuck fast, before grabbing a bowl of soapy water – which we presume is warm – and dropping some Argan oil into the mix. 

She lets her hand soak for a few minutes before testing the nails, and seeing they’re still stuck on she dunks her hand in for another soak.

When she removes them from the water, the press on nails peel off with ease – and without pain. 

The woman captioned the video: “Soooo I may be changing nails everyday now.

“I was today years old when I found out. 

“Tell me why I’ve been taking these little bad boys and popping them off with my mouth, in excruciating pain, when I could have just soaked them in a little bit of oil and water.”

Her genius tip has been watched nearly six million times, as fellow fake nail lovers were in shock at how easily she removed them – at home. 

Commenting on the hack, one person said: “Argan oil is the trick.”

Another wrote: “Me watching this after popping my nails off last night.”

A third admitted: “All of the time I had my ex pop them off with a pocket knife. The pain.” 

Someone else asked: “Does it have to be Argan oil or can it be any? I need my press ons off.”

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