Alana Hadid reveals the skincare product she's 'absolutely obsessed' with – it's 'proven to reverse the aging process' | The Sun

ALANA Hadid loves getting older — but that doesn't mean she doesn't want her skin to look youthful.

The 40-year-old designer-turned-model — and big sister of Gigi and Bella — revealed the anti-aging skincare product she's currently "obsessed" with.

Alana is certainly embracing her 40s, having celebrated the new decade with a "Grecian Goddess Dream" party in July.

In August, she entered a new phase of her career, making her runway debut at Copenhagen Fashion Week.

She even took to the New York Fashion Week runways in September, telling The U.S. Sun she feels "so much more confident" doing so now.

But getting older means changing one's skincare routine, and Alana shared the product she's recently come to depend on.

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Her new go-to, she said, is One Skin's OS-01 FACE Topical Supplement, $120.

"It's one of my favorite products. I'm absolutely obsessed with it," she said.

"It's all scientifically proven to reverse the aging process, which I think is kind of ironic considering I'm so in love with getting older, but I you do want your skin to stay nice and young and full of collagen.

"I use it all the time. And I've been using it for probably three to four months now and I've seen a huge difference in my skin.

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"There are so many cool beauty products right now, but I think that's one of the reasons why I like that one is because it has science behind it.

"I think that we're always cool with trends, but a lot of the stuff that people use doesn't have any actual data behind it.

"But [this one] makes your skin better, so I'm into it."

According to the brand's website, it's formulated with One Skin's own "OS-01 peptide" which "switches off senescent cells associated with aging" and "supports activation of cellular repair pathways."

Alana admitted, though, that she doesn't always spend a lot of time on her skin in the evenings.

"I'm gonna be totally forthright," she said.

"Sometimes I'll do the whole ten-step [routine], put a band on my hair, and get all into it, and do a mask. 

"And sometimes I really do kind of the two-second [routine].

"I do realize that washing your face that night is super important. It's something that I wish I’d made a routine in my 20s so that it was much more second nature now that I'm in my 40s."

What she doesn't do is wash her face in the mornings.

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"I think that your skin kind of naturally does a lot of important things at night and you don't want to wash that off in the morning," she said.

"So I just splash it with water in the shower and put my makeup on."

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