16 TikTok Fashion Influencers to Follow for Helpful Style Tips

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I know I'm not alone when I say, 2020 wasn't my most fashionable year to date. The mental and emotional stress of Covid-19 definitely reflected in my wardrobe: T-shirts and baggy sweats I'd normally reserve for bed became my WFH uniform because, above all else, I just wanted to feel comforted. Heading into 2021, however, I've decided to view getting dressed in the morning as an opportunity to not only look my best, but feel my best, too. And, to help me navigate the potential already hanging in my wardrobe, I've started scouring the profiles of TikTok fashion influencers for some serious outfit inspiration.

TikTok might be best known for its viral dance challenges, genius beauty hacks, and addictive cleaning reels, but the app is also dripping with outfit inspiration and tips, like how to make your jeans fit better and how to layer turtlenecks under sweaters — and you shouldn't have to wait for a chance sighting on your For You Page to find these brilliant hacks. Whether you're looking for ways to make the most out of your existing wardrobe, advice on how to pull off specific pieces, or just want to stay up to date on trends, here are some of the best TikTok fashion influencers to follow in 2021.

Nava Rose

TikTok: @the.navarose

Why She's Worth a Follow: Among the many street style accounts peppered around the app, Nava Rose is one of the best. Not only has she mastered grassroots streetwear, but well over 4 million followers will also tell you her special effects are topnotch (re: all those transitions). From outfits inspired by emojis, BTS, and trends through the decades, to her take on Harry Potter fashion, Nava Rose has an ensemble for everyone and every style.

Janice Glimmer

TikTok: @janiceglimmer

Why She's Worth a Follow: For the pop culture obsessed, there's Janice, the TikTok fashion influencer drawing outfit inspiration from popular shows, icons, and fictional characters. She's created outfits based on Disney princesses, popular Netflix shows like Bridgerton and The Queen's Gambit, music by the Beatles, Queen, and Stevie Nicks — and she even gets her mom involved in her style videos, too. Follow for a lot of fun and quirky takes on iconic looks.

Zahraa Berro

TikTok: @zahraa_hberro

Why She's Worth a Follow: Zahraa is best known for her hijab styling and modest outfit tutorials. Her account focuses on beauty, fashion, and proving that you don't have to sacrifice either while also embracing motherhood.

Keri Fay

TikTok: @kerifay

Why She's Worth a Follow: Keri Fay is a style influencer based in New York, and it's no secret the city influences her #ootd. Her account is chock full of fashion and beauty tips, and features the occasional celeb-inspired tutorial. Fay's content is also educational, with videos that highlight one article of clothing and explain how to style it different ways. And if you, too, share a passion for footwear, you'll want to feast your eyes on this TikTok star's shoe collection.

Ms Kristine

TikTok: @trendycurvy

Why She's Worth a Follow: Ms. Kristine wants all curvy women to embrace their beautiful bodies. In order to prove that any body at any size can wear every and any trend, this TikTok fashion influencer pulls inspiration from celebs with various body types and recreates their looks with similar pieces tailored to her physique. She's a self-love advocate with playful, colorful fashion sense.

Brittany Xavier

TikTok: @brittany.xavier

Why She's Worth a Follow: For Xavier, a well-known influencer, TikTok is a family affair. Not only does she participate in funny fashion challenges, such as having her husband pick out her outfit while blindfolded, her videos often feature her 14-year-old daughter, too, providing two doses of great outfits for the price of one. The mother-daughter duo have plenty of matchy-matchy moments and shopping hauls, and Xavier is never shy to share the must-try tricks she used to create her looks.

Taylor Hage

TikTok: @tayhage

Why She's Worth a Follow: Hage's account is the go-to for sophisticated outfits you can easily mimic with the pieces already in your wardrobe (I know, I've tried). In just one minute or less, Hage demonstrates how you can elevate off-duty looks, recreate throwback outfits inspired by pop culture television shows and icons (think Friends, Gossip Girl, and celebs like Demi Moore and Julia Roberts), and uses her followers' questions as inspiration for tutorials. Follow for high-fashion that's not only digestible, but wearable in your day-to-day.

Christine Le

TikTok: @christineleeee

Why She's Worth a Follow: When it comes to fashion, this multifaceted TikTok influencer likes to mix it up. Overall, Le's day-to-day style is pretty lax with a sporty aesthetic, but don't get it twisted: She can glow up with the best of them. Plus, in addition to tons of outfit inspo, Le gives her followers tips on how to take, pose, and edit Instagram photos, so that you nail the shot every single time.

Denise Mercedes

TikTok: @denisemercedes

Why She's Worth a Follow: Denise Mercedes is on a mission to debunk the myth that curvier body types shouldn't wear certain clothing. With help from her best friend, Maria Castellanos, she successfully founded the #stylenotsize movement, in which the two women create videos showcasing the same look on opposing body types. Follow for endless outfit inspiration (no matter your shape or stature), must-shop fashion finds, and body positivity boosters.


TikTok: @blackqueen_509

Why She's Worth a Follow: Think you know how to style a piece of clothing? Think again. BlackQueen takes items from her closet and transforms them to elevate her outfit. This TikTok fashion influencer has converted leggings into a crop top, a bathing suit cover into a halter dress, a scarf into a small purse, and more. This is the account to follow if you love to repurpose your wardrobe; you'll never say "I have nothing to wear" again.

Deanna Giulietti

TikTok: @deannagiulietti

Why She's Worth a Follow: Deanna's small speeches as she shows off her #OOTD — or "ootadah," as she hilariously calls them — might just inspire your inner monologue the next time you look in the mirror. She's her own hype woman, and using her high-praising sounds as you try on your latest find will for sure bring a smile to your face. She also isn't afraid to make mistakes, which makes her that more lovable. After she wore a dress the 'wrong' way, she owned up to it, and followed up with videos showing everyone how the design was meant to be styled, as well as other dreamy pieces from the same brand.

Nicole Stephens

TikTok: @nico1eodeon

Why She's Worth a Follow: Stephens is a pro at nailing specific aesthetics, and is definitely inspiring if you're looking to trade in your everyday basics for eye-catching, colorful, and creative pieces. Her videos are basically digital fashion shows, and despite being only 19, she has the ability to nail everything from '60s style to the early '00s, making a convincing case for the revival of questionable trends.

Valeria Lipovetsky

TikTok: @valeria.lipovetsky

Why She's Worth a Follow: Lipovetsky makes a variety of videos in different categories, so whether you're looking for fitness routines or morning beauty routines, you'll find it here. However, her fashion hauls and styling ideas are also worth watching. It's fascinating to see the mom-of-three create fashion-forward outfits out of her husband's shirt or reveal no-sew tailoring tricks to try if your bottoms are too big.

Kristina Zias

TikTok: @kristinazias

Why She's Worth a Follow: While Kristina Zias' bio encourages you to "be your own hype girl,'' this TikTok fashion influencer serves up a generous dose of body positivity all her own, should you need a boost. Her favorite accessories are a positive attitude and self-confidence, and she encourages her 76K followers to love the skin they're in above all else. That being said, Zias' style is flirty, fun, and complimentary to her curves. She also doesn't believe in fashion rules, so watch in amazement as she breaks them flawlessly.

Jasmine Chiswell

TikTok: @jasminechiswell

Why She's Worth a Follow: No, this isn't Marilyn Monroe, but Chiswell looks just like the iconic actress — and even lives in her old home. She's fully committed and extremely knowledgable when it comes to '50s style. A few minutes on her page, and you might be itching to visit your local vintage shop.

Allie Provost

TikTok: @allie.provost

Why She's Worth a Follow: Provost's fashion sense is all about color and whimsy, and she isn't afraid to flawlessly incorporate over-the-top items into her outfits. But, more than that, she's also the photographer for a ton of your favorite influencers, and frequently shares "day in the life" type videos giving people a glimpse inside her job. Some of her most viral clips, however, have been her poking fun at relatable styling dilemmas and how influencers often stop at nothing to to get the perfect pic — even if that means stepping out in snowstorm in a dress.

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