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EVERY month there seems to be a new cleaning product that goes viral online that you just 'have to buy.'

But one product that has stood the test of time is The Pink Stuff, a cleaning product that appears to be able to clean everything from trainers to grout.

It's easy to see why it is so popular, the 'miracle' cleaning paste costs just £1.50 for a tub and on TikTok, there's thousands of videos showing the various different ways of using it around the home.

But of course, it's always best to get an expert opinion on how good it really is and the best places to use it.

That's why Fabulous spoke to one half of the professional cleaning ladies, The Clean Up Company, told out the best spots to use it.

Bath tubs

Libby Denney, 28, has been a professional cleaner for ten years, and revealed she never goes to a client's house without a tub in her cleaning caddie.


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The multi-purpose product is vital for a full house clean as it can be used in most rooms around the home.

For the professional cleaner, she loves using it on bath tubs, she explained: "It's perfect to get rid of those pesky nail polish marks you sometimes get and for removing scuffs left from your kids' toys."

Her favourite method to use the pink stuff is with a washing-up sponge that won't scratch surfaces.


Surprisingly, the magical pink paste can also be used on trainers to get them looking brand new again.

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The Yorkshire-based cleaner recommended using the paste along the soles of trainers to get them white again with minimal effort.

After scrubbing stains off rinse the shoes and let them dry.

Window frames

One of Libby' favourite places to use the cult-favourite cleaning product is on PVC window frames and doors.

These places can often get grubby and stained black from outside pollution, but she says 'The Pink Stuff gets rid of it in no time.'

Again, Libby recommends using a cheap scratch-free washing-up sponge to rub the paste in and remove stubborn marks before wiping off with a damp cloth.

She adds: "The Pink Stuff is mainly to get rid of marks, it doesn't really need to sit, you use it and then wipe off, then go in with a general clean to disinfect."


The handy-dandy clean-all product can also be used on stubborn clothes stains.

However, she adds: "I wouldn't use this on white clothes as it could stain."

"Rub it into the stain and let it sit for ten minutes, then pop in the washing machine on a normal cycle and the stain will disappear."

High chairs

If you have kids then you know just how messy a high chair tray can get.

Fortunately, the cleaning expert revealed the paste was perfect to use on them.

"You often get lots of staining on the plastic tray, especially when serving up spaghetti bolognese, but they wipe off when you use it," she says.


The shower screen and base of your shower can quickly get grotty with hard water marks, fortunately Libby reveals these marks are no hassle for The Pink Stuff which can cut through limescale.

Libby recommends using a denture brush for hard to reach areas.


Rusty radiators can make your home go from fab to drab quickly.

The cleaning whizz, revealed rusty radiators in the bathroom are usually the biggest problem in her client's homes.

But it's nothing The Pink Stuff can't handle, she explains you should add a small amount to a cloth and it'll rub off the rust in seconds.

Pots and pans

A clear sign you've reached adulthood is when you are genuinely upset you've burnt the bottom of your favourite pan.

Thankfully, with a little elbow grease and a non-scratch sponge you'll be able to get rid of any burn marks with the help of the cleaning paste.

Simply apply the paste to the bottom of the pan with the sponge and start scrubbing and your pans will soon look brand new again.


The toilet is probably our least favourite place to clean.

But you can get it done in seconds using the paste to clean off any marks, especially stubborn fake tan ones.

After using the paste, the cleaning expert says you should go in with a disinfectant and let it sit for 15 minutes before wiping it off.

"Your products need time to sit for ten to 15 minutes to let it work, and most people don't do it," she explains.

"You'll have less work to do if you let the products sit."


Yellowing grout isn't a look any of us are trying to achieve.

To keep tiles and grout looking it's best, Libby recommends using a denture brush and scrubbing them with the cleaning product to get rid of any stains and prevent discolouration.

Where to avoid

Hobs and oven door glass

It might be tempting to use The Pink Stuff on your hob, especially if your Sunday Roast vegetables have boiled over and you have stubborn stains all over the hob.

However, the cleaning expert revealed this could damage your hob for good.

Because of the small gritty particles in the paste, it can cause scratches on the surface that you won't be able to remove.

In fact, Libby says you should avoid using it on any glossy or glass materials as it can cause scratch marks.

If you do plan to use it on these areas, The Pink Stuff warns you to use light pressure to avoid scratches and to never use it on warm or hot surfaces.


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