Was Your Phone Number Leaked in the Facebook Hack?

On Saturday it was revealed that 553 million Facebook users had their information leaked as a result of a Facebook hack. Everything from relationship statuses to locations, phone numbers, email addresses, birth dates, and other personal information was uploaded onto a database against users’ will, which was taken from the social media platform’s users during a hack that took place in 2019 before a fault was fixed by Facebook later that year.

The information, which has been circulating since January this year, included details taken from 32 million users in the United States — and now, thanks to The News Each Day — those in the U.S. can now check to see if their phone number is included in the worldwide leak.

As Gizmodo reports, the platform has proved accurate after it ran Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg‘s phone number through the system. His number was leaked, and the system showed this. For those wanting to find out, input your phone number (international country code included) without the use of hyphens, periods, or spaces. Head over to The News Each Day to find out.

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