Twitch streamers like xQc earn 88 times more money a month than NHS nurses

Popular streamer xQc would need to work a little over four days to earn a NHS Nurse’s yearly salary, according to recent data. 

As more and more people tune into gaming, esports, and streaming it’s natural to wonder how much money top Twitch streamers earn on a monthly or yearly basis. 

After all, it took years for YouTube and its creators to kickstart the conversation around content monetisation and reveal how much they’re actually earning from ads in their videos. 

Although being a Twitch streamer doesn’t sound nearly as glamorous as other top paying jobs in the entertainment industry (or anywhere really), there’s not as much of a pay gap between the two, as you’d think… 

Only in January, Félix Lengyel, better known as xQc, made more than £240,000 from essentially hanging around his room and taking the occasional walk down Venice Beach – oh, he also made some eggs and bacon. 

Of course, the life of a streamer isn’t ideal, as most top creators broadcast live for more than 10 hours a day.  

Even after their stream ends, streamers and their team usually spend the rest of their time preparing for the next broadcast or pumping out more content on social media. 

Still, it comes as a surprise to learn just how much more money they’re making, especially compared to essential workers who’re currently campaigning in hopes of better pay and work conditions. 

Using data compiled from Feedpixel’s Twitch money calculator, Safe Betting Sites reports that top streamers earn 88 times more than an NHS nurse’s monthly salary.  

A similar figure applies to primary school teachers who the platform estimates are earning about £2,978 per month (before tax). 

Civil servants and postal workers’ salaries have also been estimated to be over 100 times less than what xQc earns. 

To further put things into perspective, xQc could reach a firefighter or ambulance worker’s yearly salary in a little over four days. 

Which apart from anything means it’s unlikely any Twitch streamers are going to go on strike anytime soon.

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