Todd Howard confirms he will direct The Elder Scrolls 6 – 2028 release likely

While anticipation for Starfield is currently at fever pitch, its release at the start of next month means that thoughts will inevitably begin to turn to what Bethesda does next.

Despite an Amazon TV show being planned for next year, Fallout 5 could be anything up to a decade away and even though The Elder Scrolls 6 is next it probably won’t arrive for at least five years.

Although technically it was announced back in 2018, before Microsoft bought Bethesda, essentially nothing has been said about The Elder Scrolls 6 so far, but now Skyrim director Todd Howard has revealed that he will take on the same role with the new game.

In a brief new interview, Howard refused to be drawn on any details, including what the game’s codename was, but he did admit that he wanted it to ‘fill that role of the ultimate fantasy-world simulator.’

That’s as vague as you can get but, speaking to GQ, he added a more cryptic comment: ‘There are different ways to accomplish that given the time that has passed.’

It’s not at all clear what that means but as he himself points out, once the new game is released it will be close to two decades since the launch of Skyrim (the year 2028 is given as a possible launch date, but while that’s not Howard’s suggestion he doesn’t seem to disagree with it).

Not only is two decades an eternity in terms of video game technology, and an unusually long time to wait between sequels (it was only five years between Oblivion and Skyrim), but open world role-playing games are now much more popular and mainstream than they were in 2011.

No doubt Howard will be looking at titles like The Witcher 3, Elden Ring, and Baldur’s Gate 3, to see how things have evolved since, but what direction he’ll take with the new game is still impossible to say.

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