The POGA LUX PS5 Gaming Case Lets You Game on the Go

POGA has just released a LUX version of its portable gaming case. Made for those that need to put the hours in for their favorite games, even when on vacation, the POGA LUX fits a PS5 and two controllers where everything you need for a session is right inside its aluminum case.

Made to look like a suitcase, the system sees a top lid that opens to reveal a frameless 24-inch AOC display (1ms response time, 144Hz refresh rate). Other details in the kit include an ICY BOX USB 3.0 hub, FreeSync Premium, a low blue light filter, and built-in speakers. The German-made case weighs a total of 9.9 kg and is IP 52 certified. For use after transport, one simply removes the back trolly system, lays the POGO flat, and plugs in the power adapter to the back of the case.

Priced at €899 EUR (approximately $895 USD), more info on the POGA portable gaming system can be found over at their main site.

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