The 626 BHP Range Rover Sport SV Has Arrived

The successor to the much-loved SVR is here — the all-new Range Rover Sport SV, and it lives up to all the expectations and some.

As the marque’s performance-focused flagship SUV, you can bet on it coming with a hefty powerplant. Indeed, as under the hood is a BMW-sourced mild-hybrid twin-turbo 4.4-liter V8 engine that puts out 626 BHP and 750 Nm of torque, resulting in a 0-60 MPH time of just 3.6 seconds and a top speed of 180 MPH.

But it’s not just brute force: the Range Rover Sport SV also has plenty of stopping power thanks to a range-first option, that being a set of Brembo carbon ceramic brakes and eight-piston SV calipers all around. As for the 6D Dynamics suspension system, it’s being dubbed the “most sophisticated in its class,” underpinned by a “world-first combination of hydraulic interlinked dampers, height-adjustable air springs and pitch control.”

In the real world, this translates to a 2.5-tonne SUV that responds more like a sports car, not leaning or rolling in the corners and instead staying flat, allowing you to benefit from the considerable power advantages. Grip is also increased, working in tandem with the SUV’s advanced four-wheel-drive system to give you grip on and off the road (because, as we know, there’s nothing that will stop a Range Rover off the beaten path).

Speaking on the new machine, Nick Collins, Executive Director of JLR’s Vehicle Programmes, said: “[the] new Range Rover Sport SV delivers an optimum blend of supreme performance, unrivaled desirability, capability, and refinement. It’s a visceral addition to the Range Rover Sport line-up that powerfully demonstrates the world-class expertise of our high-performance specialists.”

High-performance aspects go beyond just power and handling. Another world-first is the 23” carbon fiber rims that come as an optional extra on the new car, subsequently eschewing 76kg of unsprung weight. The exterior is made more dramatic with a revised and meaner front end, flowing into lower side skirts and a rear end that’s poised around a set of four individual round exhaust pipes, sure to deliver that quintessential SV rumble.

Elsewhere, louvres are set deep into the hood, while vents at the rear give the car a sense of stance and presence. This is enhanced by a lowered ride height (depending on the driving mode selected), and of course, the interior gets the full SV makeover too.

Here, you’ll find carbon fiber-backed performance seats, and the choice of Body and Soul Seat (BASS). Per the marque: “[this is] a multi-dimensional audio experience with wellness benefits which allows front seat occupants to feel the sound. This is the first production vehicle to incorporate a tactile audio system from industry leader SUBPAC™ – technology used by the world’s top recording artists and composers. Incorporating SUBPAC™ AI optimizing software, and transducers aligned to front seat occupants’ backs, Body and Soul Seat analyses media in real-time, generating high fidelity audio vibrations to create the most engaging and immersive in-car audio. This system works in combination with the 29-speaker, 1430W, Meridian Signature Sound System.”

No word has been said yet regarding the price, but it’d be safe to bet on around £140,000 GBP before options. Take a look at the new Range Rover Sport SV above.

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