Stouffer's Launches the Ultimate Comfort Food Mashup With LasagnaMac

Stouffer’s LasagnaMac is the ultimate taste of nostalgia, bridging two of the most heartwarming dishes imaginable.

This ultimate food mashup is the first dish of its kind. The dish combines the classic lasagna, featuring layers of meat, tomato sauce and pasta and a melt-in-your-mouth middle portion of cheddar mac and cheese sandwiched in between the layers of red. The combination is sure to turn heads and bring those who have tasted it back to the sentimentality of homestyle pasta. The double-up on cheeses not only makes this a paradise for cheese lovers, but the mixture of ricotta and cheddar is sure to give the tastebuds a swirl of excitement as the bite hits the tongue.

Fans interested will get a chance to try the comfort food mashup in early summer 2021 through an online giveaway. Stay tuned on Stouffer’s socials for an update on the LasagnaMac.

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