Sony Playstation and Wheaties Release 'Marvel’s Spider-Man 2' Novelty Box

Continuing the release of its limited edition cereal boxes, General Mills has now tapped Sony Playstation for a run of Spider-Man novelty boxes. The offering serves to celebrate the upcoming release of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 on the Sony PlayStation 5.

“As the Breakfast of Champions, Wheaties is proud to highlight Spider-Man – a character who inspires the best in fans in any multiverse. Whether it be perseverance, commitment to do the right thing or willingness to serve their communities, Peter Parker and Miles Morales are true champions,” writes General Mills.

Offered in Miles Morales and Peter Parker variants, the dual-facing novelty boxes come with a copy of the game’s prequel comic, detailing the events that cause the Spider-Men to team up to face an all-new threat.

Priced at $45 USD, the Wheaties Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 novelty box comes complete with a prequel comic and digital activation code for a custom PlayStation Stars Digital Collectible. A 70$ USD option, limited to only 500 cases, also comes complete with a custom acrylic case for collectors.

Ahead of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2‘s release October 20, the novelty box is available now exclusively on Wheaties’ website.

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