Slam Jam Teams Up With Fellow Italian Label 24.7 Fastlife for Y2K-Inspired Motoshirt

Basketball and bike culture are converging thanks to a new collaboration between his Slam Jam and 24.7 Fastlife. The brands, both of which hail from Italy, were seeking to “rip off commercial sponsors and brands we commonly associate with motosports” and recreate those designs.

To that point, the collaboration consists of a single garment: an oversized long-sleeve shirt with a black and white print, splattered with colorful logos. The front of the shirt is emblazoned with the Fastlife logo, while the back interplays the Slam Jam logo with Fastlife’s “24.7” moniker.

Interspersed with the logos are ripoffs of symbols from two other iconic automotive brands, the marshmallow-looking Michelin Tire Man and the bright Hot Wheels flame.

This latest collaboration builds on Slam Jam’s growing roster of partnerships throughout fashion, sports and footwear. Earlier this month, the label teamed up with Salomon for a silver edition of the Quest Xt 1, following a September capsule with Umbro.

The Milan-based 24.7 Fastlife, meanwhile, is a comparably newer brand, dedicated to celebrating the growing bike culture in the city and beyond.

The Slam Jam x 24.7 Fastlife shirt is available at Slam Jam flagship stores in Milan and Ferrara and online.

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