See How Vale Automotive is Turning Porsche Boxsters into 911 GT1s

Vale Automotive, a Northern Ireland-based tuner, has been getting some attention lately for its Porsche 911 GT1 kit, which is designed to be fitted to Porche’s 986-gen Boxsters.

While the kit was first revealed as a concept in late 2021, substantial progress has been made, with limited orders available now on a first come first serve basis. Having booked a tent at the most recent Goodwood Festival of Speed, the kit has begun to pick up traction both literally and on social channels.

Design elements are clearly inspired by the Porsche 911 GT1 Strassenversion, as exemplified through its wide body, roof scoop and massive tail. Other inspirations appear to include the Bugatti Chiron, giving this kit a modern twist. While Vale hasn’t shared what’s under the hood, we imagine anyone having this fitted to their Boxster would also likely have some performance modifications, so that the power matches the presence — or at least we hope.

If you were to order Vale’s GT1-inspired kit, you would receive a front clam, rear clam, side skirts, front diffuser, rear diffuser, ducktail, GT spoiler, rear air disrupter, side vents, rear vents, wing vents, interior roof and interior pillars — which would set you back approximately $13,900 USD.

At the time of writing, these limited kits are made to order and take up to 4-5 weeks from the initial order to ship, with typical shipping times to the U.S. being approximately 35 days via sea freight. Vale also notes on its official site that they can provide fully turnkey cars at their factory upon request, for an added cost of course and that they are also establishing partnerships with various body shops to become authorized installers.

See a close-up of a completed Vale Boxter GT1 in the clip below.

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