Salma Hayek Shakes It Off in a New Vacation Video

Salma Hayek’s beach-side vacation just keeps looking better and better with every new post the actress shares on Instagram. Let’s be real: In this day and age, would it really even be a vacation without capturing some stellar pics to post on social media? Hayek has been documenting her coconut-drink-in-hand adventures with steamy bikini pictures and selfies galore — and we’ll admit, we’re envious. Her latest video is proof Hayek is having the time of her life, and is continuing to embrace the goofy, carefree side that we love about her.

A post shared by Salma Hayek Pinault (@salmahayek)

“I’ve learned so much from my dogs 🐕. He aprendido mucho de mis perros 🐶 #dog #perro,” Hayek captioned her IG clip. In the video, the star seemingly just came from taking a dip and is drying off her hair and black frill bikini by shaking off. TBH, maybe Hayek has the right idea of how to properly dry off, and if nothing else it looks at least 10 times more fun than grabbing a boring towel like the rest of us do.

The Mexican actress has been looking stunning lately (OK, always!) and since most of us are stuck at home, it looks like we’ll continue to live vicariously through Hayek.

No confirmation, but we’re guessing the person behind the screen filming Hayek is her husband François-Henri Pinault, whom she married in 2009. Honestly, leave it to Salma Hayek to ask her husband to film her shaking like a dog so she can post it on the ‘gram. And if it is her hubby, well… the couple might have reached a new level of #relationshipgoals in our eyes with this post.


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