Post Malone Encourages Safety With Shaboink Merch Release

Looking to do his part in helping curb the Coronavirus pandemic, Post Malone has released a new selection of Shaboink merch. Shaboink is the brand of hemp pre-rolls the superstar launched back in 2019 with Icon Farms and Sherbinskis that looks to revolutionize the traditional American tobacco product market.

Promoting safety, each purchase comes with a free Shaboink branded Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) set. The crewneck sweater and T-shirt included in the concise range comes in bright yellow and marked with POSTY CO and Shaboink branding. Purchase of the sweater comes with 50 3-ply masks (1 pack), 20 Soap Sheets (1 pack), 20 Hand Wipes (1 pack), 7 pairs of multi-purpose cloth gloves and Vitamin C Candy, while the T-shirt comes with 10 3-ply masks (1 pack), 20 Soap Sheets (1 pack) and 5 pairs of multi-purpose cloth gloves.

Priced at $35 and $55 USD, the latest Shaboink merch is available on Post Malone’s website.

For more contemporary fashion, PLEASURES and Albino & Preto come together to promote a “Sick Mind, Healthy Body.”
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