Popeyes Celebrates National Biscuit Day by Giving Away Free Biscuits

Popeyes is celebrating National Biscuit Day by giving away a free biscuit and a small drink to go with any digital purchase of $5 USD and above.

Though Popeyes is mostly associated with its fried chicken, its delicious buttermilk biscuits have been a staple for many customers as the perfect complement to Popeyes’ southern menu items — not just the fried chicken, but other savory goods like gravy. It’s worth noting that while many biscuits are made using butter, Popeyes’ uses buttermilk, specifically, adding a slightly saltier flavor than standard versions.

Join Popeyes in its celebration of National Biscuit Day (May 14) by picking up a free biscuit and a small drink with an order of $5 USD and above. To receive the offer, put in the code “#SoDry” in the Popeyes App.

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