Paulina Porizkova Breaks Down Why Her Boyfriend Jeff Greenstein Came Into Her Life at Just the Right Time

Looking through Paulina Porizkova‘s social media, one thing is evident: she’s in love! And though the model has been open about all parts of her life in the past, including in her tell-all memoir No Filter, her confessions about her love and her budding relationship with TV writer and producer Jeff Greenstein have been especially insightful.

Most recently, Porizkova shared another reflection on their relationship on Instagram, this time asserting that Greenstein entered her life at just the right time. “It took me 58 years to understand that what I wanted and needed was not Prince Charming charging into my life on a white steed to rescue me with his love, but an equal,” the Czech model wrote in the caption alongside a sweet portrait of the two.

“And for that, I first had to figure out what I needed. And what I couldn’t do without,” she continued. “This I learned from my previous relationships, so in a way, it wasn’t time wasted even if it felt like it at times.” What a great way to look back at so-called “failed” relationships!

Porizkova then continued, sharing that her time alone was also just as valuable. “I also had to figure out who I was – so I’d know what an equivalent was,” she added. “This I learned from being single, and doing a lot of self-work. Therapy, books, meditation, you name it, I tried it.”

“In those years, I took stock of the woman I had become,” she reflected. “She was very much the same as the girl, minus the starry eyes, the boundless hope and naïveté, but with a gained understanding of gratitude and knowledge of her strength.”

Now knowing who she was, and what she needed, Greenstein entered the picture. “It was this woman who met her equal – eight months ago,” she wrote. “He likes to celebrate every moment, so here’s to you my love, 🥂 @sjeffgreenstein.” How cute is that?

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