Outlander Star Sophie Skelton Teases Which Cute Family Scene Caitríona Balfe Directed & Gives the Ultimate Sam Heughan Impersonation

For the Outlander season 7 premiere at Tribeca Film Festival, the cast hit the red carpet to tease their supersized season. Caitríona Balfe, Sam Heughan, Richard Rankin, John Bell, and Sophie Skelton descended upon New York City with an apocalyptic smoky sky above to spill all the Outlander tea they could. Draped in a striking pink dress that perfectly matched our tiny pink mic (which Skelton may have tried to steal), Skelton was giving some spectacular Barbie vibes when she chatted with us to reveal what Roger and Brianna’s love song is this season. She also weighed in on the epic voice text battle between her on-screen parents, Heughan and Balfe. And she addressed the rumor that she’s a bad texter, that her co-stars have all accused her of being. Watch the exclusive video to see which songs Skelton picked, and why she might do the best Sam Heughan impersonation. Plus, Skelton reveals why she loved being directed by Balfe for a special scene this season.

Ever wonder what love song might best describe Roger and Brianna, and Jamie and Claire? Well, Skelton decided to drop 3 options. She basically dropped a full album on the carpet. She first belted out, “Do you like Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain?” Wait a minute, are Roger and Brianna getting drunk a beach? They are on a beach in the trailer. Hmmmm. No, Skelton reveals that’s just the song she sings to her co-star Rankin on set. Skelton says the song, “L-O-V-E is a tough one to beat,” which Roger sang to Brianna on their wedding night. Skelton picked some Taylor Swift lyrics to describe them, or maybe because she just loves Taylor Swift. As for Jamie and Claire’s love song, their on-screen daughter replies, “Lady in Red. Why not? She wore red in Paris. She wore red once!” Okay, maybe Skelton isn’t the best DJ for Jamie and Claire.

When asked if she really is as bad at responding to texts as her castmates have said, Skelton takes the tiny mic to make an appeal. “Actually, I’m a very good texter, I’m very fast. I just don’t do it a lot.” If anything, her redemption tour ended in her confirming her co-stars might be telling the truth. We decided to put Skelton’s voice texting skills to the test. Balfe and Heughan feel very differently about voice texting. Balfe dislikes it, unless it’s musical – which might work out well for Skelton who loves to sing. Heughan loves a good voice text. So we challenged Skelton to leave a voice text for Jamie and Claire telling them about a fire that in the show is supposedly going to be the cause of their demise. Brianna went back in time to tell them in the show, and then she made matches because, “It’s her, she’s the problem, it’s her,” sung in our best Swiftie voice.

Skelton flipped the challenge on its head and decided to leave a message in the style of Sam Heughan. It’s impossible to do that impersonation justice so you will just have to watch and listen. Let’s just say Skelton as Heughan leaving Jamie and Claire a voice text warning them about a fire is all you need today. Skelton isn’t the only cast member who does great voice text performances. Heughan himself pretended to leave Claire a voice text and even revived his Jamie Fraser accent on the red carpet.

Skelton also opened up about Balfe directing her in a small scene this season, and had nothing but great things to say about her friend and co-star. “It was amazing,” Skelton raves and then explains the fact that Balfe is an actor herself helped immensely. “She knows the characters inside out, she knows Brianna from Claire’s point of view as well, which is really cool,” Skelton says, “because the scene that we did was Brianna talking to Jemmy and being very maternal towards Jemmy. It was almost like, passed down to generations.” As for Balfe directing a full episode in season 8, Skelton can’t wait, “She always is nervous, but she always knocks it out of the park.”


Outlander returns June 16th on Starz. Skelton, Heughan, and Balfe all shine in the new season, and each of them gave amazing tiny mic performances at the premiere. Now about that Outlander musical Skelton discussed with us in 2020. It seems the time is right.

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