New Particle Discovery May Disrupt the Laws of Physics

The latest news from the world of physics has seen mounting evidence that a minuscule subatomic particle known as muon is disrupting the laws of physics. The New York Times reported that results of the experiment now suggest that there might be different forms of matter and energy that have yet to be discovered. These matters are expected to be essential to the natural evolution of the cosmos, currently still unknown to science.

At the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, physicists have also found that the muons are behaving in an unpredictable manner when shot through an intense magnetic field, which further challenges the field’s understanding of the Standard Model theory. Renne Fatemi, a physicist from the University of Kentucky confirmed that there “is strong evidence that the muon is sensitive to something that is not in our best theory.” Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory’s physicist, Dr. Chris Prolly, who has been working towards this particular finding for a majority of his career revealed at a virtual conference earlier this week, “We can say with fairly high confidence, there must be something contributing to this white space.”

Muons, also referred to as fat electrons, closely resemble the particle electron, but are 207 times larger and much more unstable. Thought scientists have determined that there is still a one in 40,000 chance that the new findings and measurements could be considered false, the margin of error falls short of the threshold. Despite the possible uncertainty regarding the muons, physicists have agreed that the findings support the idea that there is more exploration to be done that would have to push scientists to look beyond the Standard Model.

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