Microsoft Releases Parts and Video Guide for Xbox Controller Repair

Over the years, a noticeable shift in the production of electronic goods has resulted in a fall from durable, long-lasting products to fragile, issue-prone items. In some instances, this may be attributed to planned obsolescence, however, there’s generally a lessened emphasis on making things last. As a result, a push for the “right to repair” across the world has called for electronic brands such as Apple to make their items reparable via means not involving the brand’s own servicing.

The latest step forward for right to repair involves Microsoft releasing parts for its Xbox Wireless Controller Series 2 and Xbox Wireless Controller. In addition to this, a video guide has been shared that breaks down every step in the process — from the tools needed to disassembly and reassembly methods. This offers a new approach to fixing the all-too-common issue of drift with control sticks, something that plagues competitors such as the Nintendo Switch as well.

For those looking to perform their own repairs, Xbox Support’s complete video guide is viewable above. As for parts sourcing, the Microsoft website offers replacement input PCBAs, top cases, buttons and more at prices ranging from $20 USD to $60 USD with more expected to appear in the future.

In other news from the gaming industry, rumors surrounding the successor to the Nintendo Switch are currently indicating a release period set in 2024, again leveraging a portable design approach.
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