Medicom Toy Taps fragment design, UNDERCOVER and More for Latest BE@RTEE Collection

Medicom Toy was forced to move its annual toy expo online in 2020 due to the coronavirus, but the Japanese toy manufacturers are still pushing along by debuting the yearly event’s batch of collaborative BE@RTEE designs. Reinterpreting the beloved BE@RBRICK through the eyes of lauded partners — this year’s co-conspirators include fragment design, UNDERCOVER, Anti Social Social Club, Ader Error and GOD SELECTION XXX — the offerings are a celebration of the BE@ARBRICK’s influence, impact and familiar shape.

Hiroshi Fujiwara‘s fragment design kicks things off with a duo of designs: the first, a geometric BE@RBRICK head overlaid with blocky “FRGMT” text, the second a small BE@RBRICK visage split by a lightning bolt and placed above a lowercase fragment design text hit. The former is available in black, white and navy, the latter in black and white. Jun Takahashi‘s UNDERCOVER serves up a familiar teddy bear with a bar over its eyes, clutching a BE@ARBRICK figure and available in black and white.

Anti Social Social Club’s offering supplies black and white tees with tie-dyed ASSC logos on the front left chest — though no BE@RBRICK appears to be in sight. ADER ERROR’s black and white styles both place the brand’s blue BE@ARBRICK collaboration front and center while adding a blue tag on the left side seam. Finally, GOD SELECTION XXX’s black and white tees supply a 2×2 grid of colorful, Andy Warhol-esque BE@RBRICK “portraits,” each with text overlaying the eyes.

Each tee is set to release via the Medicom Toy webstore come January 16, and tax-included prices range from ¥6,600 JPY (approximately $64 USD) to 15,400 JPY (approximately $148 USD).

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