MANHART's MHX5 800 Tune Gives BMW's X5 M Competition a Whopping 823 HP

There’s no slowing down MANHART as the German automotive customizer continues to deliver incredibly powerful tunes to already impressive cars, and the latest in its line-up is the MANHART MHX5 800 — simply put, an 823 HP take on the BMW X5 M Competition.

In standard form, the X5 M Competition produces 616 HP and 553 lb-ft of torque from its 4.4-liter twin-turbocharged V8. However, MANHART thought this wasn’t enough, so it’s added a new turbo kit, an intercooler, and its own MHtronik unit and ECU remap to make the beast of an engine produce a whopping 797 lb-ft of torque to go alongside that aforementioned horsepower figure.

While no information has been divulged on the 0-62 MPH time, it’s safe to assume that the SUV will shift a bit quicker than the stock 3.8 second time. Additionally, no information has been released on the top speed, but it should achieve at least 180 MPH given that your X5 M Competiton is equipped with the optional M Driver’s Package, otherwise it will be limited to 155 MPH.

All around you’ll find MANHART elements, most notably a stainless steel rear muffler with a valve control function that houses four 100mm tailpipes that can be finished in carbon or ceramic coatings. There’s also a Wuppertal suspension overhaul that lowers the car by 30mm, making it even more menacing, as well as a set of MANHART Concave One forged rims measuring 10.5×22 inches.

In terms of the body, MANHART has added a heavily vented hood alongside a new front spoiler, rear diffuser and two-piece side skirts, as well as carbon fiber-covered wing mirrors and more sporting touches all around. Inside, you’ll find a fully customizable interior centered around the tuning company’s carbon fiber steering wheel spokes and shift paddles.

Take a look at the MANHART MHX5 800 above, and find out more information on MANHART’s website.

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