Make Japanese Food and Explore Saturn’s Largest Moon

Here is a sampling of the week’s events and how to tune in (all times are Eastern). Note that events are subject to change after publication.


Tune in to a live performance from the New York City Ballet and the New York City Ballet Orchestra, presented by Lincoln Center. The show, which will be performed in the Queens Botanical Garden, is part of Lincoln Center’s “Love From Lincoln Center” series, which honors frontline workers. This event is free.

When 1 p.m.



Celebrate Japan’s Children’s Day by exploring traditional Japanese food and art in an event presented by the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and the Japanese American Cultural and Community Center in Los Angeles. The art historian Yeewan Koon will present artwork by Yoshitomo Nara that centers on memories of youth. Afterwards, the cookbook author Sonoko Sakai will guide viewers through the process of making chirashi zushi, a popular rice-based dish. This event is free.

When 9 p.m.


Watch to the digital premiere of “Odyssey: A Youth Opera,” a take on the classic tale of Odysseus. Performed by the Young People’s Chorus of New York City in 2017, this performance features pieces from The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s collection of ancient Greek and Roman art and artifacts. This event, presented by the Met, is free.

When 7 p.m.



Enjoy a conversation between the authors Maggie O’Farrell and Brandon Taylor to celebrate the paperback release of Ms. O’Farrell’s book, “Hamnet.” The novel explores the death of Shakespeare’s son and the tragedy that inspired his play “Hamlet.” This event, presented by The Strand Book Store, is free to stream.

When 5 p.m.


Explore Saturn’s largest moon, Titan, and learn about NASA’s upcoming Dragonfly New Frontiers mission headed there. The planetary scientist Elizabeth “Zibi” Turtle from the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory will discuss the project and what the Dragonfly craft will search for during its three-year exploration on Titan. This event, presented by the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum, will have live closed-captioning and is free.

When 8 p.m.



Learn about the tea culture and practices of China, Japan and Korea in a conversation and performance presented by the Detroit Institute of Arts. The evening will begin with a contemporary dance piece inspired by darye, a traditional form of tea ceremony in Korea, and performed by ArtLab J, a dance and educational group based in Detroit. After the performance, Katharine P. Burnett, an associate art history professor at the University of California, Davis, will lead a panel about the influence of tea culture on daily life and modern art. This event is free.

When 7 p.m.


Discuss the politics and environmental impact of secondhand clothing in a conversation presented by the Museum of Modern Art. Paola Antonelli, a senior curator at the museum, and Anna Burckhardt, a curatorial assistant at the museum, will talk about the sustainability and life cycles of clothing and answer questions from the audience. This event, which is presented in conjunction with the museum’s “Broken Nature” exhibit and podcast, is free.

When 10:30 a.m.



Commemorate 50 years of Ballet Hispánico, a Latino dance organization based in New York City, with a celebratory performance. Hosted by its artistic director and chief executive Eduardo Vilaro and the students Chelsea Phillips and Theo Adarkar, the presentation will include guest appearances from Lin-Manuel Miranda, Rosie Perez and more. The ballet will also be premiering works by Lauren Anderson, Ana “Rokafella” Garcia and Belén Maya. This event is free to watch online.

When 6:30 p.m.



Get a good night’s rest with Look + Listen, an organization that fosters a dialogue between music and visual art. As part of the group’s annual festival, listeners can tune in to “lull, a sleep temple, an overnight musical work performed by Mendi + Keith Obadike. The 8-hour performance is intended to create a restful environment for people to listen to as they sleep. This event is free.

When 10 p.m.



Take a virtual tour of Lake Titicaca in Peru, the world’s highest navigable lake. Mike Iazo Gamarra, a tour guide and professional hiker from Cusco, will take viewers on a live tour of the area and introduce members of the Uros community who live on the lake’s man-made floating islands. This event, which is presented by Heygo, a virtual tour company, is free, but tips are encouraged.

When 3 p.m.


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