Tokyo is the backbone for BEDWIN & THE HEARTBREAKERS director Watanabe Masafume, while the resort town of Kamakura is home for MAGIC NUMBER founder Nakamura Ryu. This “LIGHT OF WORLDS” capsule is a blend of two cultures, city and sea, illustrated by an image of Japan’s Route 134 showing both the neon lights of Tokyo and a sunrise over the ocean. The atmosphere is exemplified by penlight art inspired by Ray Gun magazine in which surfer David Carson serves as art director.

The collection includes four carefully crafted items. A washed short-sleeve U.S. cotton T-shirt features penlight art on the front spelling “MANB BDWN” abbreviating the two brands featured. The white long-sleeve t-shirt has similar penlight graphic text on the sleeves with the addition of a Route 134 neon sunrise graphic on the back. The MoveStop reversible bucket hat is both chlorine-resistant and water-repellant, and is black on one side, and features Route 134 on the reverse. Lastly, the black stretch walk shorts are made for both casual and swimwear, embodying the city and sea concept.

Look for the collaborative capsule to arrive soon, and stay connected to MAGIC NUMBER and BEDWIN & THE HEARTBREAKERS for release information.

In other fashion news, Tod’s Factory announces an exclusive Hender Scheme collaboration.
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