Lydia Bolton Collaborates With Lime for Cycle-Friendly Streetwear Collection

British slow fashion designer, Lydia Bolton, has debuted her first cycle-friendly streetwear collection in collaboration with Lime, a London-based transport brand revolutionizing shared electricity.

The collection is inspired by a new study from Lime that found nine in 10 adults admitted they would avoid cycling when wearing certain items of clothing, while over half of cyclists wish there was more high-fashion, cycle-friendly clothing. Now, using Lydia Bolton’s recycled statement designs to empower more people to travel and shop sustainably, Bolton’s “Re-Cycle” collection intends to make two-wheel travel contemporary and practical for all.

With this in mind, all of the pieces from the collection have been crafted from second-hand clothing sourced from leading charity retailer, TRAID’s London stores. Working with sleeping stock, deadstock fabrics, and thrifted pieces, old tents, quilted jackets, jerseys, waterproof coats, and puffer jackets are given a new lease of life with patchwork-style prints.

Further collection highlights come in the form of adaptable coats that double up into both short and long styles, with a detachable lower half that can be zipped off and folded into a practical attachable bag to let riders pedal freely. Meanwhile, on-the-go shirts are included in a long unisex length, while the collection’s clothing clips are smart and springy, used to clip trouser hems or long dresses and skirts back, preventing them from getting caught in bikes and scooters.

Taking inspiration from Lydia Bolton’s regular Lime bike journeys through London’s Victoria Park to her studio, the collection dips into colors such as “Forest Green,” beige, and sand.

Commenting on the release of her new collection, Bolton said: “As a slow fashion designer and sustainability advocate, I’ve loved having the opportunity to work with Lime to identify and create high fashion solutions for people who want to travel in a greener way.

“Being able to create everything from defective stock and waste textiles has meant I’ve been able to bring my experience and channel my passion into this project. As Lime has become so synonymous with London’s bustling city culture, I’ve taken cues from the city’s surroundings and current trends to inspire the “Re-Cycle” Collection. I wanted this transitional collection to feel authentic to how Londoners move around and use this city.”

You can bid on the individual pieces that dropped on eBay today, with 100% of proceeds donated to grassroots environmental organisation, Friends of the Earth. The auction will be live until August 25.

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