Lauren Graham on Writing Her Story, Hollywood Lessons Learned & Taylor Swift

Gilmore Girls fans know an inordinate amount about Lorelai Gilmore, played for seven cozy, coffee-fueled seasons by Lauren Graham. We know what makes her tick (conversations with her parents about money, the plural use of the word cul-de-sac), her strengths (hardworking business owner, excellent parent), and her weaknesses (Christopher…alas).

And now, with the release of Have I Told You This Already?, a book of essays packed with poignant moments and wry humor, we now know a lot more about the inner-workings of Graham herself. The actress and writer takes on everything from the unspoken social hierarchies of Hollywood to aging to some thoughtful commentary on boobs.

There are also the intimate, more private moments that make quiet appearances, including reflections on the end of her ten-year relationship and her complicated dynamic with her mom. When we get those passages, tucked away in the text, it feels like we’ve carefully earned them. And in between, it’s a fun, sparkling read with a narrator who feels like your funniest friend.

Our conversation below, on writing, Hollywood lessons learned, and running to Taylor Swift.

When you first sat down to write this book, were there seedlings of ideas you were most itching to tackle?

It started with the title of the book. I realized that I have gotten to a place [in my life] with friends and family who know all my stories — we know each other’s stories. I was most struck by the discovery, which is the first essay in the book, that the story my father had been telling of the day I was born my entire life was incorrect. When confronted with the reality, he was like, “Oh, well that’s how I remember [it].” He didn’t care, basically. And I thought, “Gosh, we change stories over time according to how we remember them and who we’re telling them to.”

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