King Charles III's Minor Change To Buckingham Palace Has Terrified Art Curators

When King Charles III officially ascended the throne last month, we knew the royal family would go through some changes. The monarch’s vision for his reign features a more stripped down iteration of what we’ve previously seen from the royal family, but there are some changes happening behind the scenes that have some people worried. King Charles’ reported change to Buckingham Palace is sending the art world into a bit of spiral, and now we know why.

King Charles is turning down the heat in Buckingham Palace, according to a report from the Daily Mail. The monarch has elected to bring the temperature to 19 degrees Celsius (roughly 66 degrees Fahrenheit). Now, this might not seem like a big deal, but the reason why this is so troubling is due to the fragile artwork that could be damaged by the slight temperature change, per the outlet.

“Curators calculate 21-24C is the optimum temperature for keeping paintings at their best, with damage likely if temperatures are kept too high or too cold,” Daily Mail reports. Among the paintings that could be at risk in Buckingham Palace is Rembrandt’s The Shipbuilder and his Wife — which happened to be one of late Queen Elizabeth II’s favorites. There’s no telling whether the newly minted sovereign has received some input from art experts, but the decision is nevertheless setting curators on edge.

We always knew when King Charles ascended the throne that he would make his reign his own. The monarch has always had an interest in environmentalism and preservation, so perhaps there’s more to this reported decision than meets the eye. We’ll just have to see what other changes King Charles wants to make as the early days of his reign continue.

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