Instagram Now Has a Quiet Mode

Instagram has launched a new Quiet Mode to help users focus and encourage them to set boundaries with their social media usage.

Once the feature is turned on, users will not receive notifications, and their activity status will signal that they are “in quiet mode.” The app will send an auto-reply to users who attempt to contact you via the app. Additionally, users can customize their Quiet Mode hours to align with their schedule, and once the feature is turned off, Instagram will share a quick review of missed notifications. The company notes that it will prompt teens to turn on the feature if it notices that they have spent an excessive amount of time scrolling through their feed at night.

Quiet Mode is now available to users in the US, United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Instagram hopes to launch the feature in more countries “soon.”

Aside from Quiet Mode, Instagram has introduced several new features that will help users fine-tune the content they see. Users can now curate recommended posts on their Explore tap by selecting multiple tiles and tapping “Not Interested.” Additionally, users can now list specific words, hashtags and emojis that they would like Instagram to remove from their algorithm, in a new tool called “Hidden Words.”

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