House of Marley Designs Luxury Turntable Made Out of Sustainably-Sourced Materials

Sustainability-minded audio brand House of Marley has debuted its first luxury turntable, a sleek product converging music with eco-conscious materials and thoughtful design.

Dubbed the Stir It Up Lux, the basis for the turntable is a bamboo plinth – the brand chose bamboo specifically because it’s extremely fast-growing, making it one of the most renewable plant materials. Sitting on the plinth is a glass platter and an anti-slip mat on which the vinyl rotates. One side of the mat is a shiny black, while the other unveils a colorful, psychedelic-inspired Zoetrope design.

As for the actual music listening experience, the turntable comes with a built-in pre-amp for optimal sound quality, though it can be switched out. A 3.5mm aux allows it to be connected to a larger speaker or users can opt to connect their devices via Bluetooth and use the turntable to stream music that way. Beyond its audio capabilities, the turntable makes for a refined design addition to any home.

House of Marley was launched in 2010 as a collaboration with the Marley family. The company aims to provide a better option than all-plastic audio products, swapping out unsustainable materials for renewable and recycled alternatives, upholding Bob Marley’s passion for environmental preservation.

“Vinyl is the most genuine way to listen to your favorite music – there’s no skipping tracks, so you’re listening to the album exactly as the artist intended you to,” Cedella Marley, Bob Marley’s daughter, said. “That’s everything for a musician. Immersing yourself deep in the roots of an album with House of Marley’s new Stir it Up Lux turntable is an unforgettable experience.”

House of Marley’s Stir It Up Lux turntable is available from the brand’s store for $399 USD.

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