H&M Launches Free Suit Rental Service

The program was initially launched in the U.K. last month but has begun rolling out stateside starting May 13. H&M is making it easy to dress in style, allowing those interested to just log onto their website to make a reservation for their two-piece suit. The outfit is complete with a dress shirt, tie and handkerchief. H&M provides an option to deliver the suit to your door, or in select cities for in-store pickup.

At the basis of the program, H&M hopes to help young men portray their best selves prior to entering the workforce. With the ONE/SECOND/SUIT H&M program, the brand is investing in first impressions and boosting confidence. Once the suit is in the hands of the renter, they have 24 hours to wear the suit, before sending the full outfit back to H&M.

For more information on H&M’s latest campaign, check out their website.

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