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Sinead feud revisited

Miley Cyrus is shedding new light on her public squabble with the late singer, Sinead O’Connor. Miley — whose stirring new ballad “Used To Be Young” sees the singer reflecting on her wilder days — spoke candidly about her response to Sinead’s infamous 2013 open letter to Miley on the Aug. 24 ABC special, “Endless Summer Vacation: Continued (Backyard Sessions).” Sinead had called Miley out for her racy “Wrecking Ball” video — which featured the 20-year-old star with nothing on — after Miley told an interviewer she’d taken visual inspiration from Sinead’s “Nothing Compares 2 U.” On her ABC special, Miley said she expected some “backlash” over the video. But she didn’t expect “other women to put me down or turn on me, especially women that had been in my position before,” shenoted, according to Variety. “I had no idea about the fragile mental state that she was in and I was also only 20 years old,” Miley added. “So I could really only wrap my head around mental illness so much and all that I saw was that another woman had told me that this idea was not my idea.”

Sinead had prefaced the letter by telling Miley she was writing “in the spirit of motherliness and with love,” before detailing why she thought Miley’s lack of clothing and “licking” of “sledgehammers” on camera such weren’t great ideas. Miley responded by posting a screenshot of some of the elder star’s past strange tweets and likening her to Amanda Bynes. Sinead then called Miley out for mocking people who’d “sought help” for mental health problems.

Looking back in her ABC interview, Miley explained: “I had been judged for so long for my own choices that I was just exhausted and I was in this place where I finally was making my own choices and my own decisions and to have that taken away from me deeply upset me.” She added, “God bless Sinead O’Connor for real, in all seriousness,” then dedicated a performance of her song, “Wonder Woman” to her. Sinead died on July 26 at age 56. Authorities have yet to confirm the cause.

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Princess Diana’s final scene

When “The Crown” returns for its sixth and final season this fall, the award-winning Netflix series will feature its take on the tragic, 1997 death of Princess Diana, played by Elizabeth Debicki. According to executive producers Andy Harries and Suzanne Mackie, the incident was covered “delicately” and with great care. “The show might be big and noisy, but we’re not. We’re thoughtful people, and we’re sensitive people. There were very careful, long conversations about how we were going to do it,” Suzanne said at the 2023 Edinburgh TV Festival , according to Deadline. “The audience will judge it in the end, but I think it’s been delicately, thoughtfully recreated.” She added that Elizabeth “was so thoughtful and considerate” in her portrayal of the late royal’s final days. “She loved Diana. There’s a huge amount of respect from us all, I hope that’s evident,” Suzanne said.

Diana and her boyfriend, Dodi Al Fayed, along with their driver, were killed in a car crash while being hounded by paparazzi in Paris on Aug. 31, 1997. Netflix previously told The Sun “the exact moment of the crash impact will not be shown” on “The Crown.” Earlier this year, however, some eyebrows were raised after the Daily Mail published photos of the replica of the accident’s wreckage that were reportedly used on the Netflix set. “The Crown” has also been criticized for its liberal combination of historical fact and fiction.

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Snark-free birthday love

For years, Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively have marked their major milestones by expertly trolling one another on Instagram. But in a rare moment of tenderhearted social media romance, Ryan shared a moving and totally sincere tribute to his wife of nearly 11 years for her 36th birthday. On Aug. 25, the “Deadpool” star shared a lengthy gallery of photos, some of Blake, others of the two together through years. “The only thing irrevocably mine in the world is the love and appreciation and awe I feel for this person,” he captioned the pics. “Witnessing her life is something I couldn’t take for granted if I tried. And believe me, I try. Happy Birthday, @blakelively. You hung the damn moon.” While some commenters commended the actor for his award-worthy message, plenty of others expressed surprise that he’d omitted his “classic Ryan jokiness,” as one user put it, in favor of being “sweet and heartfelt.”

“Wow. You left her face in every photo,” quipped singer Richard Marx. “That’s some serious love. HBD!!! ❤️”

Tattoo update

Angelina Jolie received a public apology this week from a tattoo artist who inked a pair of new designs on her middle fingers, then stoked speculation about their meaning on Instagram. “Still can’t believe that I actually grabbed her hand and tattooed her 🫠🖤👸🏼🖤🫠 Guess what she got on her palm?” asked New York City-based Mr. K on Aug. 22, adding the actress’ name in a hashtag and sharing a photo of her newly tattooed hands with the tats blurred out. The post quickly inspired users to suggest a variety of not-so-nice possible tattoo meanings and designs in the comments, many of which involved Angelina’s ex-husband, Brad Pitt. As the comments continued to pour in, Mr. K first denied Brad had anything to do with the designs. He later posted a mea culpa, addressing Angelina directly on Aug. 24.

“First of all, I feel sorry with all the bad speculations and sincerely apologize to @angelinajolie for the stress that might caused [sic] her,” he wrote alongside a photo of the star’s new tattoos. He added a clarification that the design “represents two daggers in geometric abstract way / nothing related to religion or cross.”

Countersuit critique

Lizzo’s plan to countersue the dancers who are suing her for sexual harassment and fostering a toxic workplace is an “intimidation” tactic, their lawyer claims. In a statement to Page Six, attorney Ron Zambrano slammed the star after her lawyer, Marty Singer, announced on Aug. 23 that Lizzo will be firing back at her former employees with a lawsuit of her own. “Lizzo’s threat to countersue for malicious prosecution is an insidious attempt at intimidation and delivers a chilling effect to all harassment victims in the workplace,” the dancers’ attorney said. “Her team is merely trying to suppress the truth and hide her hypocrisy of publicizing her brand as one of empowerment and body positivity while privately depriving women of their empowerment,” he continued, adding that the dancers’ suit is about more than their negative experience working for Lizzo. “This sort of behavior is pervasive in the entertainment industry. That doesn’t make it right, and it’s still illegal,” Roy said.

Plaintiffs Arianna Davis, Crystal Williams and Noelle Rodriguez claim they were subjected to repeated instances of sexual harassment, fat-shaming and other negativity while working as backup dancers for the singer. Lizzo denied the allegations in a long statement on Instagram on Aug. 3. “These sensationalized stories are coming from former employees who have already publicly admitted that they were told their behavior on tour was inappropriate and unprofessional,” she wrote at the time.

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