Fortnite season 4 adds Ahsoka from Star Wars in the most lowkey way possible

The newest season of Fortnite adds Ahsoka and a couple of WWE wrestlers to help pull off heists against a wealthy vampire.

Considering the first two episodes of the Star Wars Ahsoka TV show dropped the same week as a new season of Fortnite, it’d be more surprising if the title character wasn’t announced as a new Fortnite skin.

What is weird, though, is that Epic Games doesn’t seem to be making a big deal out of it. In the past, new crossover characters tended to be front and centre in the advertising, often getting their own trailers.

Ahsoka, however, is completely absent from the cinematic trailer for Chapter 4 Season 4 and doesn’t appear in the gameplay trailer till the very end.

She’s easy to miss if you’re just quickly browsing Twitter or the official Fortnite website, since there’s no separate announcement for her inclusion. Nor is there a dedicated Twitter post.

The website just casually states that she’ll appear later in the season, while a new piece of promo art sees her off to the side and completely separate from the rest of the characters.

The official Disney Twitter account makes a bit more of an effort, with an actual announcement. Strangely, though, it says that Ahsoka can be unlocked in the new battle pass starting from Saturday, September 26, which seems to contradict what the Fortnite website says.

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