FamilyMart Introduces "FamiChiki Burger" With New Sauced Buns

For fans of FamilyMart‘s ridiculously delicious Famichiki, the Japanese convenience store chain has introduced a new way to enjoy its signature fried chicken.

FamilyMart has now released sauced buns to introduce the “Famichiki Burger.” Specifically created to pair with the beloved fried chicken, the fluffy buns complete with a mayonnaise-based sauce can be found in the bread section of FamilyMart locations. FamilyMart suggests that the buns are paired with two orders of FamiChiki in preferred flavor selections and additional toppings of your choice to create the ultimate Famichiki Burger

Priced at ¥88 JPY (approximately $0.85 USD), the sauced buns with one order of FamiChiki priced at ¥167 JPY (approximately $1.60 USD) to create a Famichiki Burger will only cost you ¥249 JPY (approximately $2.40 USD) in total.

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