EVISU and MONOPOLY Recreate the Classic Board Game With New Collection Series

Real estate board game MONOPOLY and Japanese fashion brand EVISU are joining forces to recreate the iconic toy set, while offering a limited run of wearable collection pieces.

Created in 1935, the classic board game’s key elements such as Mr. Monopoly, bank notes and card deck will have its iconography and slogans updated and enhanced with EVISU’s “Daicock,” “Dharma,” “Seagull” and “Jiahua” logos and symbols, while the “S” in EVISU is being replaced with Monopoly’s “$” symbol. Ready-to-wear items include a logo-laden white track jacket, a grey hoodie, a white sweatshirt with red lettering, a black sweatshirt with gold lettering, and a patchwork denim jacket and jeans.

The officially recreated EVISU x MONOPOLY board game retails for $388 USD and will be jointly released by each company on January 8. In addition to the board game purchase, a limited EVISU X MONOPOLY gaming gift with an engraved wooden box set will be awarded to customers that spend a specified amount. Contest and purchase details can be found on EVISU’s website and at China-designated shops including Hong Kong, Macau, mainland China and Singapore.

In other collectible item news, Superplastic recently announced it will be partnering with Gucci on a special project.
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