EVERPRESS Looks to Bring the UK Together With Its New "Balance" Collection

London-based label EVERPRESS is continuing the expansion of its T-shirt collections with a new capsule that aims to champion the Trans and Non-Binary community. The collection is aptly dubbed “Balance,” with each T-shirt being designed by a different trans creative from the U.K. capital. 

Originally launched by Pxssy Palace’s DJ Mya Mehmi, Lewis G. Burton, Zorawar Waraich, Rene Matic, Naeem Davis, Nadine Artois, ZMARAKS, Blk Moody Boi, and, Mika Marlock all get design credits for their own T-shirt. 

Speaking about the launch of the “Balance” collection, Mya Mehmi said: “I’m so, so excited and proud to be introducing “Balance,” which focuses on supporting the Trans and Non-Binary community. We deserve it. In a world where the average life expectancy of a Trans woman of color is 35 years old – and Trans folk are twice as likely as cis folk to experience abuse and harassment in their daily life – we need your support and attention now more than ever.” 

With the launch of the “Balance” collection, 100% of its proceeds will be put back into the community through donations to Human Dignity Trust and even some GoFundMe pages of individuals who are looking to transition. 

Along with the new collection of T-shirts, EVERPRESS and Mya Mehmi are launching a chat show entitled Tea Time With Mya. The show intends to give an intimate view into the pillars of the Trans community while also explaining what viewers can do to support the cause.

You can have a closer look at the “Balance” collection above and it is available now on the official EVERPRESS webstore. You can also keep up to date with Tea Time With Mya episodes on EVERPRESS’ Instagram page. 

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