Emmanuel Uddenberg Hits the Streets of Toronto To Get Real-Time Reactions to the New Ralph Lauren Polo Red Parfum

Ralph Lauren’s World of Polo franchise, including color-coded fragrances Polo Red Parfum, Polo Blue Parfum and Polo Green Cologne Intense, appeals to younger, fashion-savvy men who value a sophisticated scent akin to their favorite oversized wool coat or pair of chunky winter boots. The brand’s youth-centric campaign features global digital creators known for their distinctive approach to contemporary trends and those who meticulously curate their fits — down to their signature scents. Embodying this modern man is Toronto-based TikTok creator and fashion savant Emmanuel Uddenberg, known for uploading styling videos across his various socials. Uddenberg is a part of a rising fashion vanguard, a new cohort of young men effortlessly blending minimalist ready-to-wear with aesthetically tailored street styles.

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Ralph Lauren: Polo Red Parfum

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Ralph Lauren: Polo Red Parfum

The World of Polo franchise expands upon Ralph Lauren’s brand heritage and iconic scent portfolio, introducing complex note pairings that tickle the senses. And since every fragrance tells a story,