Eike König Releases 'LISA' Screen Print

German designer Eike König is back with another Simpsons-inspired screen print, this time paying homage to undoubtedly the family’s most accomplished character, Lisa.

The Simpsons have long played muse for the HORT studio founder, whose LISA print falls in line with past work, which includes a similar iteration of her father HOMER that König created for an exhibition at Heitsch Gallery. Amidst the many preposterous situations that manifest in Springfield, Lisa has long been known as a character who exemplifies reason. König’s minimal depiction of the character is supposed to imbue “progressive values, feminist ideals and commitment to changing the world,” said König in a statement.

LISA is an edition of 50, plus 15 artist proofs, and comes signed and numbered by the artist. Printed with 310qsm mould made on satin Somerset 100-percent cotton paper, the screen print sizes at 28 x 39-inches and is available to purchase online for €299 EUR / $324 USD.

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