Eike König Pits ‘LISA VS. LISA’ in New Screen Print

It’s no secret that Eike König loves The Simpsons. Apart from being the founder of acclaimed studio, HORT, the German artist and designer recurrently explores some of the cartoons legendary cast, by humorously juxtaposing them with figures such as ancient Greek poet, Homer, and Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa.

The latter artwork served as the inspiration for König’s latest screen print. Aptly titled LISA VS. LISA, the top half of the print features Lisa Simpson’s angular noggin, while the bottom gives way to Mona Lisa — both of which are created in a halftone effect.

As an edition of 50, plus 15 artist proofs, LISA VS LISA sizes at 28 x39 inches and is a hand-pulled on 310qsm mould made satin Somerset 100% cotton paper. For those looking to purchase, the work comes signed and numbered by the artist and is available online for $319 USD.

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