Daniel Caesar and Mustafa Pay Homage To Their Homes of Sudan and Toronto in "Toronto 2014" Visual

Daniel Caesar has dropped off the accompanying music video for NEVER ENOUGH cut, “Toronto 2014.”

Helmed by Trent Munson, the visual features collaborator Mustafa and utilizes home videos shot in Sudan and Toronto as they pay homage to the beauty of their home countries. “This video explores home, the idea that we’re neither global citizens nor nomads; that we live in the air between, questioning our dispensability in any place we’ve lived in,” Mustafa said in a statement.

He added, “We travelled to Sudan last year to witness a homecoming, the beauty of Sudan can’t be replicated. We were met with such warmth that you could feel in fragments in this video. Now, as generals senselessly battle & leave our country in ruin, one can’t help but to think of all the kind people and family who assisted us in our journey—the buildings that have collapsed, the trees that went in fire—donate what you can to local efforts.”

Caesar will also be donating a portion of funds from the video’s revenue to Sudan Relief Fund, which aids in delivering immediate needs such as food, water, shelter and medication to the local Sudanese people.

Watch Daniel Caesar’s “Toronto 2014” visual above.

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